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Theme Leader - Sustainable Value Chains and Investments (Value Chains)

Center for International Forestry Research

Center for International Forestry Research

Bogor, West Java, Indonesia · Nairobi, Kenya · United States
Posted on Monday, January 29, 2024
Leadership in R&D on sustainable value chains and investments:
  • Formulate ground-breaking research for development on sustainable value chains and investments, influencing policy and driving development impact.
  • Define and achieve medium-term KPIs and annual goals, contributing to institutional targets and adjusting strategies for impact at scale.
  • Cultivate transformative partnerships with research, donors, policy, and development organizations, driving collaborative efforts for thematic and institutional goals.
  • Identify and prioritize areas for the theme, potentially modifying current focus areas.
  • Ensure career and capacity development opportunities for staff, including mentoring scientists and PhD students.
Develop and lead fundraising strategy:
  • Lead the strategic development of project proposals and donor relationships, creating a robust project portfolio.
  • Oversee project sequencing, content, and implementation for sustainable funding, staff development, and policy contribution.
Oversight of analytical and methodological approaches:
  • Provide scientific and strategic guidance, ensuring research aligns with evidence-based development approaches.
  • Support progress along impact pathways, making research relevant to policy, private sector, and practitioner communities.

Generation of robust evidence and scientific outputs:
  • Lead the publication of high-impact scientific articles, ensuring accessibility and quality.
  • Safeguard evidence integrity and align scientific outputs with staffing and funding levels.
  • Convey scientific evidence to stakeholders through user-friendly products and engagement activities.
Deliver impact at scale:
  • Develop and implement scaling strategies, identifying critical points in impact pathways for socio-economic development.
  • Oversee business and investment case development in collaboration with CIFOR-ICRAF's Resilient Landscapes.
  • Foster integration of evidence-based scaling research and document achieved impact.
  • Work closely with relevant units to deliver, monitor, and document research outcomes and impacts at scale.